4. What NOT to Do

1. Do Not Take Pictures Without Asking
At Comiket there is a separate area set up for Cosplayers to show off their work and fans to take pictures. Although there may be some cosplayers walking around the marketplace, it’s best not to take pictures of people outside the specified area in order to avoid causing a traffic jam. Even with the cosplay area, it is polite to ask permission before taking someone’s photo. If you’re worried that your Japanese is weak, check out the Useful Japanese Phrases of this guide for help.

2. If Possible, Do Not Bring the Entire Paper Catalog With You
The Comiket catalog is about the size of a phone book, and very heavy. If you can get ahold of it before the day of the market, prepare by taking notes on which circles you want to visit and their locations. Then, on the day you go to Comiket, bring only your list and the Comiket map. Especially if you’re planning on making purchases, carrying around the entire catalog can be a serious pain.

3. Do Not Wear Cosplay Before Arriving
If you decide to wear cosplay to Comiket, you must wait and change after arriving at Tokyo Big Sight. Cosplay is still viewed in a negative light in mainstream Japanese culture; as a result, the Comiket staff has made it a rule that attendees should not wear cosplay while commuting to the event. There are changing areas provided at Comiket, but make sure to register to use them beforehand. Check out the “So You Think You Want to Cosplay?” section of this guide for more information.

4. Do Not Line Up Before the Day of Comiket
In the past, attendees would line up as early as the day before Comiket in order to get inside Tokyo Big Sight as soon as possible. This has since been banned due to the disruption and hazards it can cause. Although many people do still take the first train to Odaiba to line up hours before the 10:00am opening, it is advised that first time visitors arrive after noon to avoid long lines.

5. Do Not Run or Push People
Although the market is crowded and the lines are long, running or pushing can lead to dangerous trampling incidents or similar accidents. Always remain calm and try not to rush. For similar safety reasons, the Comic Market staff have prohibited walking on moving escalators.

6. Do Not Openly Criticize Artists’ Work
Comiket thrives on diversity, and the artists that participate range from hobbyists to professionals. It is very likely that you will see work that you disapprove of, either due to the content or the art style. However, do not openly criticize any artists’ creations. Each circle works hard to contribute to Comiket and without diversity the market would not have evolved to what it is today.

7. Do Not Forget the Official Comiket Rules
Make sure to read the list of official Comiket rules in the “Important Comiket Policies” of the Comic Market English website, here: